About Us

We, the team is lead by Dr Deepak Megeri and Dr Vinay Eligar both working for NHS in UK were able to understand the technology need in promoting the medical practice. We passionately discussed and debated that every Doctor, Dentist, Clinic, Diagnostic Centres & Hospital requires a Website to showcase their credentials, services and the facilities.

Increasingly the world is connected via internet and the expectations from the patients have increased to know more about the Doctors, Dentists, Clinics, Diagnostic Centres and The Hospitals.

Considering the rapid growth of the Social Media, we strongly felt the need of developing Social Media Friendly Websites to promote the healthcare.

We travelled to India and had few rounds of meeting with our creative Software Engineer / Developer Mr Sandesh Kumar. 

Initially this project started as a Hobby Project. However with the further advice, feedback & support from Mr Naveen Prasad Raman, Dr Balaraju, Dr Amar Shetty, Dr Bhuwan Roy & Dr Yashodhar we have been able to bring this Social Media friendly product for your use.

Ms Prathiksha M is a Software Engineer who has been associated with project from the beginning and she represents the management.

Mr Prahalad is heading Marketing & Promotional division.

Mr Manjunath M is our Management Advisor.