Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up my website?

You will have to register on the website by clicking "set up your website" tab.

Once registered, you will receive an email with your link to your administration page "admin page". 

Please check your email inbox and note your login details (you may have to check in junk or spam filter mail box).

We advise you to remember your user Id (usually your email id) andpassword. Using these credentials you will login into your admin panel ( is password protected to ensure that only the registered user will have access to the respective web pages. Admin page is like the back office from where you control your webpages. It is designed in a simple format to ensure it is easy to use. All the information uploaded into back office will be displayed in a beautiful way in your web pages.

And also don't forget keep a note of your url (which will appear as This is your own website address. Congratulations!! Now you can print it on your business card, name badges and in display areas.

Can we add our own images to the website?

Yes, you can choose your own image provided you have a copyright. We strongly advise not to use any images randomly from the internet or any other website as they will be subject to the copyright use.

We advise you to upload your own images as it will add authenticity and it's a great way of informing the users about your practice.

You can buy the images from the online if you need to. Please do not upload any patient identifiable images.

It is your responsibility to take written consent from the patient if you use their images. In case patient lacks the due capacity to consent then a responsible adult with power of attorney looking after that particular person should provide the consent. It is our duty to respect and maintain confidentiality of the patients we treat.

Please maintain and adhere to good medical practice guidance issued by your medical council at all times.

Who will edit the content?

You will automatically get your admin panel which is a simple application to use. It will be easy to use and edit the content. We will be able to do the same for a small fee which could save your time.

Can I get help to set up my website?

Yes, We will be keen and happy to provide you with assistance. We can completely set it up for you for a small administrative fees.
Please contact us through the email id given in the contact us section for further details.

What are the additional features could we expect?

We will provide you with continued medical education through our news-letter, guidelines and protocols. This will help to enhance your clinical and professional knowledge.
We welcome you to write articles which will help shape good medical practice and improve the standards of care.
We can help you to post advertisements to recruit doctors/nurses/pharmacists/allied health specialists. This will be  displayed on our main IMHS-Jobs website to ensure you receive a better response.
Please contact us for further information.

What will be the cost of setting up my website?

It is entirely free to register and start your website. It usually costs thousands to start your own website. Our aim is to provide a platform for the medical community, from which they can reach millions and promote health care. We will keep it free for as long as possible.

How to upload banner images?

Banner images are the big images displayed on your home page. You can choose between two options.

Option 1: lets you upload 5 images which will be displayed in series.

Option 2: lets you upload 1 image and you can write up to 5 caption or slogans, which will be displayed on the image.

How to upload gallery images?

You can upload images by creating albums and naming it. Examples of album name can be

1.     My photos

2.     Clinic Photos

3.     Hospital Photos

4.     Facilities

5.     Album1

6.     Album2

7.     Facilities2

You can create upload images under each album name.
You can write a caption to each image which will give more information to your website users.

What are CMS pages?

CMS is a Content Management System. You can create your own pages and manage the general information. We suggest you to keep the information relevant to your practice and website. You can create pages with titles like below and give relevant description to it. You can also upload a relevant image to it.

1)    Emergency Contact Numbers

2)    Patient information sheet

3)    Specialist Services

4)    Immunisation Schedules

5)    Annual Health Check

6)    Well Man and Woman Clinic

7)    Paediatric Health checks

8)    Health Camp Announcement

You can manage, edit, and change the name of the pages to suit your service delivery. For information please refer to our Demo Site or Handbook. Do not hesitate to contact us through email if you need any assistance.

How to add images to the CMS pages?

When a CMS page is created, there is an editor into which you enter text and use the font and text color and various options from the toolbar with in the editor.

To add the image follow the following steps.
First type the content.
keep the cursor where image needs to be inserted.
Choose image from the toolbar.
It will open another window from which you can upload images.
When you the image there is an align down.
Whether you want to float to right or left of the content.
Now to provide little space between image and text (otherwise text will touch the image ) spacing using margin.
And your preferred image will be uploaded to your website.

Who can register on website and use its services?

The following is the list of professionals who are eligible.
Doctors currently practicing various specialities
General Practices
Doctors and Dentists in Teaching institutions
Diagnostic centres Clinical laboratories 
Hospitals and Hospice
Nursing and Care homes
We may ask for sponsor from already existing members if, for any reason,we can't authenticate the details you have provided.

How to add my address on google map so that it is displayed appropriately in appointments section?

Please follow the link and add your address on google map by ping the pin  and entering the appropriate details.

Or you may be lucky that its is already marked on google maps, Just check first.